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Reptile enthusiasts interested in hosting a bearded dragon in their home should familiarize themselves with the proper methods of caring for this type of lizard. German giant bearded dragons that are lovingly nourished and enjoy a relatively long life compared to other domestic reptiles – so, before adopting a bearded dragon, make sure that you are in it for the long term. Average lifespan

Bearded dragon Lifespan

On average, you can expect yourbearded dragon lifespan to be between 5 and 8 years. However, it is not uncommon for bearded dragons to live between 10 and 12 years. This is the ideal pet for lovers of reptiles looking for lizards that will live a long time ago.
Proper diet

To help ensure that your bearded dragon reaches its maximum lifespan, you will have to feed properly. Bearded dragons are mainly omnivores and have to follow a diet consisting of fruits, vegetables and live insects. Insects must be commercially raised, as insects caught outdoors may have been exposed to pesticides.

Life conditions

In much the same way as other domestic reptiles, bearded dragons are usually housed in large glass aquariums. In the wild, these lizards enjoy sunbathing, so a quality heat lamp should be among the services offered to your bearded dragon. While wood chip floors are a common feature in other reptile cages, sand and fine gravel are the preferred soil varieties of cages for bearded dragons.

Do not keep bearded dragons male and female under 2 years of age in the same cage. Before reaching 2 years of age, female bearded dragon bones are too little developed to properly lay eggs. At this point in their life, they can not afford to lose the amount of calcium that egg-laying requires.


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It is continually fascinating to perceive how you name your canine and the point of pooch names is one that is exceptionally dubious. Most proprietors love to give their pooches a name that is exceptionally human like. For example, Matthew or Andrew. Others will need to give the name in light of their most loved motion picture characters or the book they read. For example, Black Beauty or Cholera (despite the fact that they are very odd they are still genuine puppy names). Finding the best puppy names for your closest companion can be troublesome in spite of the fact that it ought not and can be even fun.

The most serious issue remains in the way that we have a great deal of conceivable options and there is an opportunity of a lifetime that you are searching for an exceptional pooch name. You need one that will suit the pooch’s identity while keeping away from names that can be unsafe. The key is making it fun. The pooch name you pick will be used around 25 thousand times amid the creature’s lifetime so it ought to be pleasant that your canine consents to the name you will give him. Give us a chance to consider a cool dog nameĀ for your companion. There are numerous approaches to deal with this. Fortunately there are many locales online that will help you in picking by basically giving you a colossal rundown of pooch names. Give us a chance to consider a few illustrations.

In the US the two most mainstream puppy names for young men are Max and Jake. Female canine names of decision whole up to Molly and Maggie as the most well known. You won’t not need a prevalent pooch name and you may need a big name puppy name, in spite of the fact that it sounds odd to have a canine named Christina Aguilera, Madonna, Ben Afleck or The Undertaker. You could likewise pick your pooch’s name by breed. For example, well known names for Labrador Retrievers are Heidi, India or Jade. For Germen Shepherds notoriety remains in real life, Bruno or Fantom. Cool special canine names remain in Brownie, Caviar, Pretzel or Okra. It is dependent upon you to pick and choose where to run with your puppy’s name. Make sure to explore the Internet for motivation and you will see that you will locate a decent female or male puppy name for your companion.

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