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Thirty years ago Oakley released the Oakley Frogskin, their first casual sunglass style. Since then they have pushed the boundaries of technological developments in sunglasses, using input from athletes and doing extensive field testing in the most extreme conditions.Cheap Oakleys.They make some of the best sports sunglasses available and maintain US Standard Issue, allowing them to provide the U.S. military and law enforcement with eye protection.Oakley lenses are made from Plutonite – an extremely durable material that does not detract from the optic purity of the lenses.Discount Oakley.Plutonite doesn’t just stop objects from hitting your eyes, it also stops every wavelength of ultraviolet radition. Your eyes will be protected from both seen and unseen dangers.

Oakleys provide physical protection from flying trail debris, whether this be roost from your riding mate’s back wheel, spray from the endless 'summer' puddles, flies, or errant tree branches.Oakley Outlet.Obviously, the larger the lens, the more coverage it will offer against these dangers, but it's also important that they wrap around to give some side protection, cut out light from entering there, and prevent wind from making your eyes tear up.Oakley Sungalsses Outlet.Of course, that coverage needs to be balanced with how they fit on your face — if the lens or frame contacts you, then it means they'll fog up more easily and it can also be uncomfortable or make the glasses move around on your face.Cheap Oakley Sunglasses.

More expensive glasses tend to have more features, such as easily interchangeable lenses plus adjustable fit of the noise piece and arms.Oakley Sunglasses Sale.The quality and clarity of the lenses will go up with price too. A better lens will distort your vision less, giving better vision and also preventing eye strain. Many high-end glasses now have light sensitive photochromic lenses, which have a special coating that reacts to light.Cheap Oakleys.This means you can use a single lens for very bright days as well as more overcast ones, but even the best can take a bit of time to react and cheaper ones can take a long time indeed.