Most products of sheet metal fabrication have industrial application. They are used for the making of other products, for telecommunications and for accessing areas, which are high above the ground. Given their importance, the fabricators have to ensure that these products are safe, reliable and durable as well as highly functional. Find out how they do this.

The parts and raw materials necessary for sheet metal fabrication are purchased only when there is written authorisation from the procurement manager and the general manager. They are bought from manufacturing adhering to the quality standards set locally and internally. All parts and recycleables come with certificates which are kept in the records of the company. They are stored in rooms where their condition and quality cannot be affected by environmental effects and impact. This is extremely important when metals such as steel, aluminium, copper and bronze are used.

Before the raw materials as well as parts are used in the metallic fabrication process, they are thoroughly inspected. The inspection is focused on their overall condition. Various tests such as ones with regard to strength can be carried out, if necessary. The preliminary inspection is done to ensure the final quality of the product and to prevent the waste of other factors for production. The actual blueprint and the set specifications for the making of the item are inspected in advance as well. This is done by the engineers who will be responsible for the creating of the product. Once the technicians approve the blueprint and also specs, the actual fabrication process can begin.

When each part is made, it undergoes rigorous inspection and a set of tests, if required. If it is rejected, this is clearly identified along with another part is made. All accepted components and pieces are listed along with their serial number. Inspection and testing are run during the assembly process as well. During this procedure, the quality control technicians work to ensure the functionality as well as the safety of the Custom Metal Fabrication product. Corrective actions are taken timely for ensuring that the waste of material, if any, will be minimal.