nonexempt truckers are rushing to purchase ELDs before full observance begins, and they are expected to encounter logistic challenges as with regard to ELDs skyrocket once again. An identical situation was experienced by service providers. ELD vendors received a large number of orders when the ELD requirement deadline grew closer. Numerous ELD companies couldn’t deliver all ELDs in time. Consequently, thousands of nonexempt truckers had been found without electronic signing devices. Fortunately for them, it had been a “soft enforcement” time period, and ELD violations did not lead to severe penalties. Motorists weren’t placed out-of-service because of not having an ELD, as well as ELD violations also did not affect CSA scores.

But now the situation is very various because marks the beginning of complete enforcement. If a nonexempt trucker doesn’t have an ELD, they will be placed out of support. Moreover, ELD violations will even negatively affect CSA ratings. Amid all these penalties, do not forget the fines, towing expenses, and loss of revenue which drivers without ELDs will need to face. According to a recent estimation, nearly 28% or 868, 000 truckers are with no compliant ELD solution. Dozens of drivers are rushing to get ELDs, which is expected to produce logistic problems for ELD suppliers. As you can guess, not all of these will be able to get their ELDs. This means that they will have to either briefly stop their trucking procedures until they receive their own ELD or risk ELD violations with severe fines.

Get in touch with an ELD tracking merchant and ask precisely when you should receive your ELD. It is obvious that ELDs can take a while to be shipped and obtained. Furthermore, you will also need some time to set up and set up the electronic working device, so plan appropriately. Buy ELDs from a dependable ELD company, who has the capability and resources to fulfill all of the orders in time. You will get your ELD within 3 days, which means you will have sufficient time to install and set it up prior to full enforcement.