The actual ID card identifies any card holder to a certain group or organization. The particular cards contain custom details such as a photo, card case name, logo, signature, club code, embedded coding as well as other important information to ensure that a credit holder is identified effectively as they access a safeguarded entry point into the facility.

If you are after a plastic card printer for making tailor made printed cards or IDENTITY cards, the Magicard group of printers offers a variety of card printer options that could be an excellent option for large image printing results you are interested in. The Magicard printers offer you security features for business that are used in the most protect environments.The ID playing card is reviewed manually simply by security personnel or by an automatic access system. If the cards is verified as legitimate by the review, the credit card holder is approved and allowed entry into the secured area.

Magicard printers are ID credit id card systems that provide custom published cards. The Magicard printing device differs from other card machines because it provided the copyrighted HoloKote option for credit printing. The HoloKote characteristic is a security overlay that is certainly placed on a printed playing card as it is released from the photo printer. This system is not found on additional printer systems in the market.

Typically the Holokote feature is a liquid image that is embedded in to a clear overlay in the printing ribbon. As the card is usually printed, the overlay with all the frosted image is honored the side of the card containing typically the custom printing. The watermark pattern on the overlay is definitely controlled by the printer driver. Often the overlay provides security and also an extra layer of defense for the card printing.

This specific security feature can be along with other printer options. When encoding options are needed, often the Magicard printers have features to embed critical personalized information into magnetic strip encoding, contact smart memory cards, contactless smart cards and also proximity card encoding. These kinds of options are available as advertising on capabilities after picking the Magicard model that is definitely most appropriate for your printing needs.