Listed here is a scenario. You find that you get a couple of occasional clicks from a key phrase from Google. You then move and find out that your site is put in 30’s for that certain keyword. You think “Great, our site got positioned in Google”.The game is not over but. What if your page placement is increased and found in page 1, at no cost? Of course, you can do it. How? Right here is the answer. Keyword Rankings: Learn the exact position of your site in Google. You need not find this specific manually.

You can use “Google Rankings” tool to find this out there. Go to “Google Rankings” webpage, enter your keyword and also url and click on “Whats my rank”. You can then get a rank in Google. (You will be needing a free Google API important. Just search for “free Yahoo API key” in Google. You can more details about it)Difficulty Stage: Now that you got your web site position, let us estimate the issue level of the keyword. This can be done by using “search term problems checker” tools. There are many equipment available, you can use any one of them.

Calculate Traffic: The next piece of right information to know is, how much targeted traffic you can expect from the keyword. You will find the approximate hits daily using this tool position checker google: Now that we got all the information about the keyword, our next step is always to optimize your page. We have a tool called Gorank. com which provides periodic reports in search engines and tells you just what Yahoo wants, what Yahoo or google wants. So , go ahead, fine-tune your page a little simply by: Chaging title tags, including keywords in it. Modifying proud of 3% keyword density. Maximizing your images. Getting back links by article syndication, website commenting, networking etc ..