Looking for funny and interesting winter attractions, welcome to Colorado! It is very pleasant to spend winter days in a snowy and frosty country. Where to start? First of all, you may use AVIS at Denver airport to take the most comfortable car for winter weather. If you have a car you are free to go to everywhere and enjoy your winter holidays to the full. Here is a list of TOP Must-DO winter activities you should note to self.

Snowmobiling in Turku


# 1 Drive Snowmobile

Colorado offers many interesting winter tours. The most exciting way to get through the forest is driving a snowmobile. They are different types and for different drivers. Don’t worry if it is the first time you are going to ride a snow machine. There is an easy-to-follow instruction about how it works and where to start. So, which tour do you prefer? Different touristic agencies cry for the most interesting touristic trails. There is also a snow tour for kids. How about an adventurous tour to the Rocky Mountains with the miles of hiking trails and snowy lagoons? Have desire to go for a tour with your family? No problem! You may take a two-hour tour that is definitely perfect for people of all ages.

# 2 Go Sledding

Dashing through the snow…Remember this line? Horse sledging in very popular now. Just take your time and go to the winter forest. The view is amazing. If you feel cold, take a warm woolen blanket. You can stop, make a fire, and take some cocoa and marshmallows. Snow Mountain Rancho has a big choice of sledding tours. You have two hours for sledding and enough time for fire and marshmallows. Want a kind of romantic dinner? You can rent a sledge for an hour to take you somewhere for dinner in complex with blankets, home-made dishes, candles, and stars up there!

two mugs of hot cocoa on a tray in the oven


# 3 Get Some Fun

Do you think it is difficult to get some fun in winter? This cold season is as good for attractions as summer. You can find a lot of interesting entertainments here in Colorado. Go to Forest Mountain or Gold Runner Alpine Mountain from where you can go down by skiing, sledding or any other possible way. Looking for more attractions, you should visit Glenwood Caverns. This park welcomes visitors in winter only. It can boast six amazing attractions for your entertainment.

# 4 Ride Down from Tubing Hill

Skiing is always preferable in winter. You can go down from Tubing Hill. The longest ski trails are waiting for you. Each of them is even longer than 1200 feet. Skiing is good for kids and adults. The trail starts its work in November and works till the end of the winter. So, looking for the best and funniest way to spend winter holidays, welcome to Tubing.

Getting Pitted at Nashoba...so pitted


# 5 Participate in Torchlight Parade

Torchlight Parade is a big parade when lots and lots of snowmobiles and skiers go down from the hill decorated with lights. The view is very bright and colorful. The parade comes with dancing, big fire, fireworks, ice figures and New Year flowers. Parents and kids are special guests here. Everyone is honored and welcomed. The participants go down to the local Snowmass mall. Music, dances, and party all the night are waiting for you.

# 6 Visit Winter Carnival

Carnival is the funniest way to spend winter holidays. You can meet big and small carnivals, taking place here and there in Colorado cities and villages. Historically, the most of them are devoted to Ullr – Norwegian Winter God. The carnival usually lasts for a week. The spectacle includes a parade, music events, skiing, skating, and other attractions. Winter carnivals welcome people of all ages. You can meet many interesting folk games and other traditions.

Carnaval de Morschwiller-le-Bas 2018


# 7 Ride Train

There is one more way to take some rest and get fresh impressions during winter holidays. How about riding a train? There are two special Christmas rides. They are called Polar Express Train Rides. They take you to Santa’s House. Of course, you have a chance to meet Santa Clause, see the greatest light show, Christmas singing. You can see dancing waiters, taste hot chocolate and get a Christmas present from Santa. What else did you wish for? Santa Express is also interesting for kids. You may wear pajama and make a wish to Santa’s helpful elves.



# 8 Visit Santa

As it was told before, Polar Express will take you to Santa Clause residence. The residence looks like a big park of attractions, located at the bottom of the Pikes Peak. You can meet Santa, take some pictures, visit different attractions and shows.

There are always many interesting activities in winter, especially if you are going to visit such a snowy state and Colorado. This must be the most favorable season for visiting Colorado cities and nearby ski and SPA resorts with the whole family. Any plans? Are you going to go down the highest peak or ride a Christmas Train? Just take some time for watching fireworks, visiting weird village shops, buying unique presents.