Taylor Swift is everywhere nowadays. When she’s not visiting the world, shaking it away in front of thousands of fans, she actually is Instagramming her vacation along with boyfriend Calvin Harris, creating headlines for posts considered steamy, romantic and ‘annoyingly perfect, ‘ depending on that story trickled down your own newsfeed.

The pop celebrity seems so pulled with each other all of the time that it’s enough to help you wonder if she’s even human being. Does she overdo this on nachos and really feel bloated and muffin toppy, like the rest of us? Exist days when she’s such as, “Yeah, before I proceed shake it off in front of a large number of screaming fans, we need to decrease everything and try the brand new Quesalupa at Taco Bells? ” Inquiring minds have to know.

While many of us start our own days with a bowl of cereal, Swift puts a little more work to her mornings, making buckwheat pancakes topped with pig, parm and a fried ovum, she tells Bon Sult. She also downs some OJ every day. When Quick does have cereal, she really does so with swagger, eating the bowlful alongside a Moonman and a famous friend (ahem, actress/singer/”Bad Blood” co-star Hailee Steinfeld). Granted, Tay Tay’s diet may have changed substantially since she spoke in order to WebMD at 20, however it remains the story most websites reference when talking about Swift’s diet. She eats lots of salads, yogurt and casse-cro?te and avoids sugary beverages during the week. It’s consistent with what she ordered whenever talking to Vanity Fair within 2013: chicken sandwiches together with lavender lemonade. Click here to know about taylor swift boyfriend.

On week-ends, she cuts herself a few slack: “I allow personally to eat what common sense informs me is bad for me. I love comfort foods, ” the girl told WebMD. Sometimes, the lady takes her comfort meals on the healthy-ish side. Individuals reports she enjoyed any gluten-free pizza and a cup of wine at L’asso in New York City. Other times, she is just like the rest of us (sweet relief! ), going for the best New York tourist food, past pizza and $1 very hot dogs, that is: baseball-sized biscuits from Levain Bakery.